Carrie's Costumes & Characters

Character References & Costumes
Driia Soolan First contact was Oct/Nov 1990 Flighty, wimsical person who travels with a band of space pirates. She "belongs" to her captain, and is often seen at parties, or shopping (cough - shoplifting) on little known planets.....just before they are ransacked. Usually assigned a guard "for her own protection" who makes sure that she behaves herself and remembers where to find the ship.
Syah Rajahn Met in DE first weekend of Nov. 1989 Ice Warrior, angers quickly and known to hold a grudge. Has left her planet and works with a partner Ki-tar. Distinctive features include blue-green skin and white hair. Loaded with weapons.
Karina Entertained at party Nov 1993 A court juggler....though not a very good one, who is most often seen dropping her juggling balls. Costumed most often in bright blue and black.
The Countess Dropped in for a visit with Family and friends, 1992 Big D's niece and next in line as the head of the family. She holds much power and is quite civilized around parties...low key.
Atlaan-Belle Seen having an enjoyable time at GAMBIT in NJ, Spring 1988 Enjoying her first convention as a Blake-7 fan and meeting many stange individuals. She has a roaring twenties / mardigras style.
The Queen Pausing to refresh with a nice bit of fruit. Snow White's cheerful and serene stepmother, partaking of the ballet.
Rumpleteaser Found at many gatherings fall 1996. A bit mischievious along with her partner Mongojerrie. They were seen disrupting activities at two halloween parties and playing with anything and anyone not nailed down at Philcon.