Carrie's Interests

W. Craig Trader Carrie has known Craig since November 3rd, 1990. After several years of friendship...she learned he wanted to keep her - PERMENANTLY! Carrie kept refusing to date him (even though he was dating her), until Dec. 1994. He wasn't informed of the change in status however until Late January 1995. She finally said yes, and they expect to get married on April 26th, 1997. (...and we did!)
Used Pets! Craig and Carrie have adopted three pets. Two dogs that Carrie insists on calling puppies.....and a meatloaf of a cat named Eliza.
Unicorn's Rest Craig and Carrie have a house named Unicorn's Rest and with it came an extensive to do list. It eat's up most weekends. However the library is finally done so Carrie can spend some of her time indulging another passion - Books!
Books, Books, and More BOOKS! Carrie has a growing collection of books. Somewhere in the 5-8 thousand range...having lost count after the first 3,000 she estimates by volume. She's looking for volunteers to help get an accurate count.....
Costumes Being very into SF and Fantasy and having done twelve years of ballet, (no - not professional),.... Costuming became very, very important. She has a room in her house devoted to it and will inflict almost anyone with her pictures of past characters.
Poetry She likes to read, collect and (sigh) yes write poetry. Some of her friends said....."It's not all bad!" And she actively collects writings from friends so that she can have an archive of personal friends that she "knew when"....
Chocolate! Something that is very - no - All important. Dark chocolate is best, and Wilbur Buds, from Lititz are her favorites... (Now you know how to bribe her.)
Painting & Jewelry Making She likes to oil paint...but never seems to find time. And Jewelry making is a natural spin-off of the costuming...again lacking time to really work at it. Maybe if she ever gets organized!

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