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Kathy's M's Email about Marion

to family and friends of Marion and Al:

after returning from vacation to find out that ma and pa were already back from india due to mom's tumble at agra fort, I decided to take a trip to phoebe berks and find out for myself how things were going. So, here's an update: Both seem to be in reasonably good spirits considering what they've been through. They have pretty much adjusted to losing the rest of the trip and are relieved to be safe at home and surgery complete (attachment of external fixators - see pix). They had nothing but praise for the agency that brought them home - being carried off the first class section of plan in london in a wheel chair - now that's service! Ma started to feed herself some on Sunday and was doing pretty well yesterday. She can pick up light items and is not in pain, although still taking advil three times a day. She will return to doctor on thursday and I have urged her to have doctor arrange an occupational therapy evaluation. Things are settling down. They have had numerous calls, cards, and offers of help from church, friends, family. Thanks to Barbara, Ma's hair was washed and set (Thanks, Boopers) - a skill that I don't expect dad to master. They are pretty well set up with food right now thanks to donations and the fact that they will soon be able to eat in the dining hall (starting on Thursday, I think). (They get 10 meals per month at dining hall as part of phoebe living arrangement.) So, what I was able to do yesterday was chores like laundry, heat meals, change bed sheets, a little ironing, load and empty dishwasher. Dad can do most of this, but he will need a break and that's what I see as their major need at this point. The robo-arms stay attached for eight weeks according to the orthopedist and then I am sure that Mom will need many weeks of physical therapy. She sleeps on the recliner sometimes, so she can also use the diversion of visitors to keep her from napping during the day. They appreciate cards, emails, phone calls from family and friends. I know that dad sent some pictures to some of you, and I have attached a couple more.

Thanks to all for your concern/support. Please advise those who may be interested and do not have email. And, cheez, family, let's start pulling it together (Mary Bankes, Bud Hafer come to mind). There is a picnic coming on memorial day. We will have a real array of walking wounded. Liz - very glad to hear that you will be attending! Look forward to seeing many of you there (4 mcd's plan to attend).

Peace, love, and please watch your step, kath

Marion's Arms:

Cancelled Family Christmas Party

Kathy's email Saturday Morning at 9:30 am

For any might doubt that we made the right decision re today's event, I am attaching a couple pictures taken at 9:20 this morning. The one of the car was taken through the screen- sorry. I wasn't too eager to step outside. We're expecting 12+ inches.

ps I'm sending this only to those of you who I think can get attachments.

Kathy's secound email around 3:00 pm

these were taken at 2:30 - still haven't been outside Happy New Year to all!