Tad Throws Craig's Bachelor Party

This gathering of friends (both bride & groom's) will allow us to celebrate our marriage with the many people we couldn't invite to the wedding.

In order to fit the tone of our courtship, Craig's bachelor party is being held after the wedding reception. There was some discussion of having it after the honeymoon, since everything else about the courtship was backwards, but we decided that as long as we have the hotel space, we should use it.

We're making another break with tradition; the bachelor party will not be a stag party - women are invited to participate as well. Tad Pierson is the person in charge of the party... you may question him at length or make suggestions. This will be a TAD & CRAIG party... hence the "official" title.

The invitation currently has the latest information on location and events. Additional information will be noted here as we compile it.